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Stampete Lie de Vin 15 ans sharp  

Jazzaudehore evenings are proposed at the price of 110 Euro per person and include the aperitif, special Jazzaudehore menu (starter, main dish & dessert) drinks included (half bottle of wine, half a bottle of water, coffee or tea) and the concert.

Jazzaudehore getaway: extend your Jazzaudehore evening with a night in one of our room. As from 199 Euro per person, including breakfast. >Book this package


The concert starts after the dinner. Aperitif is served from 7.45pm and dinner at 8.30pm sharp. The music starts around 10pm.
Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made
 online, by calling +33 (0)1 3061 6464 or by sending an email to restaurant@cazaudehore.fr.


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January 29th


Tribute to Cab Calloway

David Costa Coelho (vocals, guitar), Pascal « Tonton » Pezot (baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, backing vocals), Guilhem « Man » Verger (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, backing vocals), Thomas « Picco » Doméné (drums, backing vocals), Martin « Satin Doll » Jaussan (doublebass, backing vocals), Philippe « La Pompe » Cauchi-Pomponi (piano, backing vocals) & Guillaume « Bubu » Gardey de Soos (trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals)

David Costa Coelho, together with the Smoky Joe Combo, conquer the international stages by propagating its Vintage Swing. Fiery eyes, velvet voice, ultra- flexible eyebrows and winks full of cockiness makes David oscillate between a crooner and a lanky showman, straight out of a Tex Avery cartoon !
Supported by spirited musicians, he gives the tempo and ignites the Dancefloor, plunging you into the heart of a real show inspired by Broadway ! The charismatic energy of this scatman spreads around the swing and rhythm and blues repertoire of the 40’s and the 50’s, particularly Cab Calloway who’s his major influence.


February 12th


La Cuisine au Jazz

Emmanuel Hussenot (alto sax, trumpet, recorder, kazoo, washboard, guitar, vocals), Patrick Perrin (sousaphone, musical bottle, kazoo, vocals), Romain Ponard (drums, washboard, keyboards, vocals) & Christian Ponard (guitar, banjo, trumpet, kazoo, vocals)

The mini big band of Orphéon Celesta is a festive group where invention rhymes with humor : here, the roots of jazz grow around the corner, the blues has Belleville’s cockiness, our wastelands are cotton fields, gospel is getting out of the subway and the “feeling” spreads in DIY department ... ..
From Parisian jazz clubs to major international festivals, the Orphéon Celesta provides a wacky jazz, but precise as a Swiss watch: four voices and about fifteen instruments blend virtuosity with humor, high-flying jazz, swing and cartoon ... "but unlike to appearances, when it comes to jazz, they are not kidding! " Le Figaro


March 11th


Charlie Christian Project

Michel Pastre (tenor saxophone), Malo Mazurié (trumpet), David Blenkhorn (guitar), Sébastien Girardot (doublebass) & Guillaume Nouaux (drums)

Awarded by the Jazz Academy, conductor of his own big band which triumphs in the biggest jazz festivals, Michel Pastre is one of our most famous tenor saxophonists French.
His meeting with Australian guitarist David Blenkhorn, worldly renowned, led him to create this quintet in tribute to his favorite guitarist : Charlie Christian.
Legendary figure in the great period of "swing", as well as Louis Armstrong, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Art Tatum, he revolutionized how to play guitar … and laid the electric guitar in jazz at the same time.


April 1st


... like a Coolin' Live Night ...

Aurore Voilqué (violin, vocal) & Paddy Sherlock (trombone, vocal), rest of the line up to follow ...

You can’t beat Old friends making beautiful music together.
A young Aurore Voilqué took her first steps in Paris Jazz onstage with Irish singer and songwriter Paddy Sherlock years ago at his famous Coolin gigs. He was so impressed he invited her back to play regularly at his concerts. They have stayed friends ever since.
Each of them leading successful and quite different bands in Paris, but occasionally coming back together to sing and play together.
A repertoire of swing, beguines and funky New Orleans songs in French … and in English !


April 15th



Ulf Sandström (piano, vocal), Thibaut Chopin (doublebass) & Simon Boyer (drums)

The pianist and singer Ulf Sandström, great of the Swedish "boogie swing" scene, plays, with the love of American black music of the 50s, a delightful cocktail of boogie woogie, swing and blues, knowing perfectly of to recreate all the heat of the infancy of rock'n’roll.
Real "entertainer", his energy and charisma captivate audiences from all over Europe but also from the USA, China, Cuba, India and Korea.
His credo: « All acoustic fat grooving boogie with a touch of gospel, jazz and rock’n roll… and a lot of joy ».


April 30th


International Jazz Day

David Costa Coelho (vocal), Julien Duchet (tenor saxophone), Francis Guero (trombone), Julien Silvand (trumpet), Fabien Saussaye (piano), Stéphane Barral (doublebass) & Simon Boyer (drums)

Extravagant showman of the 50s, trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, precursor of rock’n’roll, Louis Prima has made the world danced with his worldwide hit "Just a Gigolo”, one of the most broadcast songs in the world.
Jubilant atmosphere, magical rhythmic, collective of unbridled brass: The Primatics, led by a singer with incredible stage presence, emit irresistible energy capable of making everyone vibrate.
An evening not to be missed for all lovers of warm atmosphere and communicative swing !


May 20th


Disney & the Jazz

Mathilde (vocal), Timothée Quost (trumpet), Vladimir Medail (guitar), Alexandre Perrot (doublebass) & Philippe Maniez (drums)

The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Tramp, ... what if we fall back into childhood?
With a friendly and musical complicity, The Bare Necessities Quintet, led by Mathilde - singer revealed to the public in 2015 by The Voice, bears an energetic look, current and sharp, but especially candid and jovial, with all the requirement and accuracy required by jazz, on the music of Walt Disney movies that have rocked our childhood, and, for sure, childhood of generations to come.



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