A La Carte Menu

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The Sea Bream : as a tartare, wakame, lemon condiments 25
The Cep : as a terrine in Jerusalem artichokes jelly with foie gras
the glass of sweet wine
The Lobster : in rolls with wasabi, chlorophyll with coriander 28
The Lamprey : smoked in a ravioli with foie-gras, mousseline of Jerusalem artichokes 28
the first courses that have marked our history since 1928 : 
Label Rouge Scottish Salmon smoked in our kitchen, shiitake salad
Eggs beaten in Basquaise piperade
The Crêpes : rolled with chanterelle mushrooms, Roquefort risotto cream 25
The Cod : pan-fried, onions candied in curry, apple & salsify with ginger 35
The Monkfish : poached in a Jerusalem artichoke consommé, ravioli of black chanterelles 35
The Blue Lobster : roasted Iberian pudding, risotto cream with seaweed 46
the main courses that have marked our history since 1928:
Lamprey « à la Bordelaise »
The Duck : seared foie gras, minced breast, rustic crouton & poached egg 31
The Lamb : pan-fried tenderloin, garlic mousseline and carrot cromesquis 35
The Norman Beef : fillet rolled in Bayonne ham, croque-monsieur with ceps 41
the main courses that have marked our history since 1928:
Candied duck, potatoes « landaises »
Mature cheese platter from « Ferme Sainte Suzanne » 13
Sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrénées, black sherry jam from F. Miot 16
Coffee & tasting of 3 chocolates by Pascal Le Gac – Saint-Germain-en-Laye, selected amongst the 10 best French chocolatiers 10
Gourmet Coffee or Tea 11
Home-made sorbets and ice-creams 11
Mirabelle soufflé tartlet, chocolate sorbet 13
Two chocolates in a cake, raspberry sauce 13
Shortbread with raspberries, pistachio ice cream 13
Seasonal dessert by Gaston Houssais 13
the desserts that have marked our history since 1928:
Baba with rum, whipped cream – a classic since 1960
Iced coffee parfait – a classic since 1965

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