Jazzaudehore : Charles Pasi – Bricks

Exceptional dinner + Jazz concert of Charles Pasi to resume Jazzaudehore Evenings on Friday, September 29 !

Charles Pasi : Bricks
friday, september 29

Charles Pasi (vocals, harmonica), Pity Cabrera (piano), Joseph Champagnon (guitar), Jon Grandcamp (drums) and Sébastien Levanneur (bass)

Charles Pasi signed in 2015 the recording of 3 albums at Blue Note Records … and he is the only French singer to be able to say the same during his lifetime. Before, this thirty-year-old has scoured the roads of the world, to defend his previous albums where we find collaborations with Archie Shepp: France, Europe, China and Neil Young who decides personally to take him on his hexagonal dates!
He comes to present us “Bricks”, the first of these 3 opus, the very same day of his European release, before beginning 2 years of tour around the world. A disc with an elegant intensity and moving colors, at the same time very arranged and very purified, whose live version will undoubtedly transport us between Jazz, Blues, Soul and Pop.

Jazzaudehore evenings include the aperitif, the Jazzaudehore special menu (starter, main dish & dessert) drinks included (half bottle of wine, half a bottle of water, coffee or tea) and the concert.
Rate : 110€ per person

Jazzaudehore Getaway: extend your Jazzaudehore evening with a night in a double room, including breakfast and the Jazzaudehore evening.
Rate : as from 182€ per person

The concert starts after the dinner. Aperitif is served from 7.45pm and dinner at 8.30pm sharp. The music starts around 10pm.
Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made online (available as from 90 days prior to concert), by calling +33 (0)1 30 61 64 64 or by sending an email to restaurant@cazaudehore.fr.
Advance deposit may be required.