[LAST SEATS AVAILABLE] Jazzaudehore : Ellen Birath & the Shadow Cats

An incredible energy guided by a unique voice : get ready to dance !

Ellen Birath & the Shadow Cats
Friday, November 24th

Ellen Birath (vocals), Thomas Ohresser (guitar), Thomas Join-Lambert (drums), Matthieu Bost (sax alto and tenor), Manuel Faivre (trumpet) and Marten Ingle (double bass)

How to succeed in the improbable meeting of a Californian bassist out of the 70s, a gypsy jazz guitarist reconverted to electricity, a reggae drummer grain-fed, an erudite saxophonist and a Parisian trumpet player ? Goodwill was not enough, a small (1,62m) miracle was needed.
Ellen Birath is a young Swedish writer, songwriter and singer with a characteristic voice, who unites this heterogeneous clique in 2013. Here you will find the influences of everyone and their common taste for dance musics : rhythm’n’blues, soul, swing, ska, new orleans …
Do not touch it any more … It sounds perfectly !

Jazzaudehore evenings include the aperitif, the Jazzaudehore special menu (starter, main dish & dessert) drinks included (half bottle of wine, half a bottle of water, coffee or tea) and the concert.
Rate : 110€ per person

Jazzaudehore Getaway: extend your Jazzaudehore evening with a night in a double room, including breakfast and the Jazzaudehore evening.
Rate : as from 182€ per person

The concert starts after the dinner. Aperitif is served from 7.45pm and dinner at 8.30pm sharp. The music starts around 10pm.
Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made online (available as from 90 days prior to concert), by calling +33 (0)1 30 61 64 64 or by sending an email to restaurant@cazaudehore.fr.
Advance deposit may be required.