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Oysters Spéciales Ancelin n°2          by 6 : 18€          by 9 : 27€          by 12 : 36€
The Saint-Jacques : as a carpaccio, celery mousseline, lamb’s lettuce salad26
The Foie Gras : half-cooked, marbled with smoked eel
the glass of sweet wine
The Beef : “Galician blond” as a carpaccio, foie gras custard27
The Lamprey : smoked in a ravioli with foie-gras, mousseline of smoked peas mousseline28
the first courses that have marked our history since 1928 : 
Label Rouge Scottish Salmon smoked in our kitchen, Puy lentil salad
Eggs beaten in Basquaise piperade
Broccoli cakes, cottage cheese with cabbage and peanut25
The Ray : stewed with laurel smoke, grilled eggplant caviar, creamy polenta with rosemary26
The Saint-Jacques : pan-fried, tuberous parsley mousseline, purple cauliflower with peanut
The Sole : cooked as a whole, julienne of pumpkin with saffron, parsnip mousseline with spices38
the main courses that have marked our history since 1928:
Lamprey « à la Bordelaise »
The Duck : seared foie gras, minced breast, rustic crouton & poached egg31
The Game : big, small & birds as tortellini, Brussels sprouts and butternut crème brûlée33
The Norman Beef : seared, steamed ravioli with foie gras, celery mousseline41
the main courses that have marked our history since 1928:
Candied duck, potatoes « landaises »
Mature cheese platter from « Ferme Sainte Suzanne »13
Sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrénées, black sherry jam from F. Miot16
Coffee & tasting of 3 chocolates by Pascal Le Gac – Saint-Germain-en-Laye, selected amongst the 10 best French chocolatiers10
Gourmet Coffee or Tea11
Home-made sorbets and ice-creams11
Mont Blanc, pear sorbet13
Creamy dark chocolate with buckwheat, sour cherry sauce13
Exotic fruits gratin, coconut sorbet13
Seasonal dessert by Gaston Houssais13
the desserts that have marked our history since 1928:
Baba with rum, whipped cream – a classic since 1960
Iced coffee parfait – a classic since 1965

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