Our confined services

Because we could not accept abandoning you a second time, Cazaudehore remains partially open with some adapted services!



A Stop-over package, half board, with dinner in your room, cozy bed & breakfast in the heart of the Saint-Germain-en-Laye forest!

As from 93€ per person



Every week-end, our famous Brunch & some family dishes to share, delivered to your home or to be picked up on site. Cazaudehore: partner of your family meals since 1928 !

39€ per person


Because life goes on, we have taken action.

Dear Friends, Dear Guests, Dear Customers,

Yes, for the past few months the Coronavirus pandemic has indeed complicated both your lives and ours.
However when facing every crisis situation, reason seems to be the best virtue, without of course forgetting caution and respect for sanitary regulations.

At Cazaudehore, we have taken this topic to heart as soon as it emerged and we have immediately taken the following actions:

  • Increasing staff awareness on preventing the spread of infections, recognising symptoms, what actions to take when facing COVID-19 risks;
  • Putting sanitizing hand rub dispensers in prominent places for our customers and team;
  • Ensuring that face masks are available and worn at all times;
  • Reinforcing the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness througout the hôtel and the restaurant;
  • Accentuated space between tables by reducing our capacity numbers;
  • At breakfast, we are providing guests with their own personal cutlety set.


These are in addition to what we already currently do, such as:

  • Regular auditing by an independent laboratory which carries out controls and samples of both material and surface;
  • Ensuring our workplaces are clean and hygienic;
  • To keep communicating and informing you of possible issues.



  • To please come with your own mask;
  • To please wear a mask in the common areas as it is mandatory;
  • To be vigilant in respecting social distancing with other customers and our staff;
  • To please share with us any concerns you may have.


As you can see, without giving in to panic, we are ready to welcome you again and pamper you even more … in short, make the art of living and hospitality shine in the forest of Saint-Germain-en- Laye, as we have done for the past 90 years.


See you soon,
Cazaudehore family