Jazzaudehore Dec. 14th | Marina & the Kats

The world’s smallest big band : they are only three, but do swing like a dozen !

Marina & the Kats
Friday, December 14th

Marina Zettl (vocals, snare drum), Thomas Mauerhofer (guitar, vocals) & Peter Schönbauer (bass, bass drum, vocals)

This trio, led by the sparkling and charismatic Marina, engages spectators in her swing, swing, swing world with personal compositions and an original line-up.
Racy gypsy guitars, nimble melodies, airy snare drums and Marina‘s uniquely charming voice conflate into a nostalgic cocktail.
Marina & The Kats take you on a dreamy journey into the times of Django Reinhart and Cab Calloway, the Divas and the Crooners, the Lindy Hops and Radio Shows, Buick Rivieras and convertibles Cadillac …

photo ©AntoniaRenner

Jazzaudehore evenings :
Aperitif, Jazzaudehore menu (starter, main dish & dessert) drinks included (half bottle of wine, half a bottle of water, coffee or tea) & concert : 110€ per person

Jazzaudehore Getaway: extend your Jazzaudehore evening !
Jazzaudehore evening, overnight in a double room & buffet breakfast as from 171€ per person

The concert starts after the dinner. Aperitif is served from 7.45pm and dinner at 8.30pm sharp. The music starts around 10pm.
Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made online (available as from 90 days prior to concert), by calling +33 (0)1 30 61 64 64 or by sending an email to restaurant@cazaudehore.fr.
Advance deposit may be required.