Jazzaudehore Feb. 8th | Remembering Fred Astaire

More than a tribute, a homecoming !

Remembering Fred Astaire
with Wendy Lee Taylor

Friday, February 8th

Wendy Lee Taylor (vocals, tap dance), Philippe Petit (piano), Pierre Maingourd (double bass) & Eric Dervieu (drums)

In the collective memory, Fred Astaire occupies a special place: he is the hero of timeless musicals and, of course, the very symbol of the dancer who could defy gravity …. He was also very often the first interpreter of essential standards which jazz has seized for our greatest pleasure.

After fifteen years on the stage of the Lido, Wendy Lee Taylor, accompanied by musicians that we love, pays homage to the one who was the privileged interpreter of the greatest composers: Gershwin, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen … Let’s Swing !

Jazzaudehore evenings :
Aperitif, Jazzaudehore menu (starter, main dish & dessert) drinks included (half bottle of wine, half a bottle of water, coffee or tea) & concert : 110€ per person

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Jazzaudehore evening, overnight in a double room & buffet breakfast as from 171€ per person

The concert starts after the dinner. Aperitif is served from 7.45pm and dinner at 8.30pm sharp. The music starts around 10pm.
Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made online (available as from 90 days prior to concert), by calling +33 (0)1 30 61 64 64 or by sending an email to restaurant@cazaudehore.fr.
Advance deposit may be required.